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Paolo Vannini
Arte Contemporanea
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They have told of him...
... Reality tends to dissolve in color, indeed various colors, which do not overlap and mix, however, but which stand side by side respecting the identification lines of the subject ... A learned painting that of Paolo Vannini, which brings together the great cubist experience, mediated however by the elegant sign of a Matisse (especially in the figures) or the dreamy and unreal one of Paul Klee (in some landscapes), without neglecting the lesson of some Italians like Sironi, however, relived through the color experience of the "Fauves". Indeed, in Vannini's painting the taste of color is the predominant element so much that it becomes almost a living thing. His therefore is not a mere reinterpretation of great artistic movements of the twentieth century, but a personal pictorial activity that leads him to reconcile different experiences (moreover perfectly assimilated and therefore not a bond but an element that has been overcome and a solid basis for future progress) in the name of the research of a reality that is only apparently decomposed because in the end, everything contributes to creating a much more lively and throbbing one: so much so that one cannot speak of abstractionism in him, as he always maintains a direct relationship with reality itself.
The result is profound psychological work; as if the painter, investigating the subject more and more deeply, wanted to find its ultimate essence and rational location and reason to exist in space and in reality, and this he achieves by seeking a compositional and coloristic balance that appeases and satisfies the gaze, but also the inner anxiety that drives him to paint.
Dott. Andrea Bolognesi

An active research, after thirty years of artistic and cultural activity, places Paolo Vannini in the condition of expressing a pictorial sensation in terms of clear originality in his latest works. The neo cubist experiences are lived in strongly spiritual terms, with a painting full of values coming from the expression Estrarte, to symbolize his images, lyrical interpretations, with the chromatology of the palette. The artist obtains a great luminous intensity which is then a strong support of the work itself.
Marcello Meucci (Painter)

It is the color that plays a leading role in Vannini's paintings, whether they are made in oil on canvas, on plywood or granules, in watercolor, in ink or by directly spreading the color on the canvas from the tube. A color sometimes soft and light, other times brighter and warmer, but always capable of imparting strength and energy thanks to contrasting combinations, such as blue with pink, black with yellow or red with green .... therefore spread with touches vigorous that often leave full-bodied and consistent lumps on the canvas; a color taken from a palette that is overloaded and that testifies to a fervent and incessant activity.
Donatella Nesti (Journalist)

... There is nothing obvious and banal in Vannini's creations, indeed there is meditation and continuous research through the use of sign and color
(From "Metropoli")

In these works you can notice and appreciate a skilful spatula work and a chromatic harmony that is not born by chance but is deliberately inserted in the artistic way that thus manages to infuse in his works that atmosphere of realism that distinguishes them ...
Giuseppe Medaglini

Paolo Vannini is a painter who lives fiercely in his time. Vannini meditates and searches with sign and color, it is his way of trying to get out of an envelope where good and evil are no longer understood. We all live in a spider web that offends us and from which we cannot free ourselves. It is the time of man in the labyrinth. In front of Paolo Vannini's drawings and canvases, one must stop, study, find ways to enter the signs and discover the arcane, everyone sees the contents, the subjects in different forms ...
Roberto Spadoni (Journalist)

... This painting actually created and defines with the presence of its environments and its daily objects a superficial and continuous rarefaction. It is however a portrait of virtual people in a traffic of obsessive relationships, of orders without respite, an imaginary tale of business, of unclean, devastating events that describe in color and in the sign, a chaotic traffic of intrigues, pauses .. .
Armando Franceschini (Art Critic)

Paolo Vannini
STUDIO in Via Roma 234/a Signa (Fi)
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