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Paolo Vannini
Arte Contemporanea
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What critics have said about him..... continuation

... What is striking in these surfaces that require particular exposure and lighting in order to reveal themselves in all their complexity of sign - color - light, is a sort of ambiguity. Ambiguity that only arises from the way in which the painter solves the relationship between planning and geometry on the one hand, freedom on the other ....
Roberto Bernardi (Gallery)

... In these recent oils on canvas, now natural supports for an even obsolete, liquid, extensive exaltation of color, some material body emerges that stops and insinuates itself into large backgrounds; narrow or enlarged by rigid elements almost evidence of a past geometry, no longer credible, not for a construction accepted as an assumption, but as denied by the same pictorial making ...
Mario Biasion (Journalist)

... It is no coincidence that his colors are scattered in squares and parallel lines, it is no coincidence that the dark alternates with the light, chasing each other relentlessly between memory and fantasy, between reason and feeling as the artist must do with all those who want to feed themselves culturally ...
D.ssa Lucia Gregori

Vannini describes with stylization, effectively colors wide backgrounds with aggressive painting and draws with an air ...
Prof. Ugo Fortini

.... From these cities, from these houses without windows or doors and from these faceless figures a secret logic appears. It has regulated according to calculated chromatic geometries, spaces and perspectives obedient to all autonomous laws ...
Andrea Baldinotti (Journalist)

... Perspective spaces in favor of an exaltation of the color element clotted up in a refined play of inlays or lying in liquid bands assuming tones reminiscent of the expressive violence of the "Fauves" ...
Dr. Baldinotti

A painting, that of Paolo Vannini, not easily assimilable for those who ask the painting to absolve a relaxing function and not to favor a more passionate comparison suffered with one's own internal world.
Bob Kline (Art Critic)

"There are words that stop on the mouth,
others remain prisoners of the red house,
Each two eyes, an artist "
Rossi Maurizio (Poet)

I met Paolo a long time ago and we immediately developed a relationship of mutual esteem, friendship and confidence, agreeing on many aspects of our lives. I have became familiar with the art, its expressiveness through the colors and the particularity of the shapes later; after being struck by their multiple shades. I think they represent Paolo's most intimate self, the "Positivity" or the search for it in every circumstance so that the "light" is always present even when the hues are dark. I am not an expert, not a critic, I don't exalt his works, I only limit myself to describe the emotions I felt having, fortunately, been able to admire many of his works directly in the intimacy of his studio together with Donatella and Silvia.
D. M. ( WebMaster)

Paolo Vannini
STUDIO in Via Roma 234/a Signa (Fi)
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