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Some critics have examined his works...they have written about him ...

Who is familiar with the former pictorial production of Paolo Vannini, at first is surprised at his latest works, where the painter, only apparently abandoning that remarkable stylistic and compositive rigueur typical of him, gives free play to his imagination and to a sharp, even if still controlled, creative force but this does not necessarily mean he is refusing his past experiences, which can be understood, as for instance, from the use of colour in large fields, bur only overcoming and even completing them. What was in the past divided in rigid geometrical shapes, which were justified in a total vision of the work, is now recovered in a unitary form - It seems almost that the artist, by dint of searching, "digging", dividing the subject looking for its ultimate and vital essence, in the end finds it only by recuperating its entire fullness - The circle then closes, but the strong cultural and emotional incentive, which is the base of all the painter's activity, does not get exhausted; on the contrary, new horizons seem to open up for creativeness and imagination, new stimulus for interior research as a result of this recovered interior balance, are evident - The proof that this is the right way is given by the fact, even if the artist overcame certain canons, already consolidated and of a certain formal and estethic effect, his work does not loseexpressive force, on the contrary, continously maintaining a strong chromatic and compositive taste, acquires unity and immediateness . The research of Paolo Vannini goes on and it will not be an ephemeral one, since it is supported by a long artistic experience and, most of all, by deep and strong cultural and interior motivations.
Dott. Andrea Bolognesi

After thirty years of artistic and cultural activity, an intense research enables Paolo Vannini to express a pictorial sensation in terms of real originality in his latest works - the neo-cubist experiences are lived in strongly spiritual terms, with a painting full of values coming from "ESTRARTE" expression (, in order to symbolize his images, lyric interpretation with the chromatism of the palette - The artist obtains a great luminous intensity which is a strong support of the work itself.
Marcello Meucci (Painter)

Colour is the leading character in the paintings by Paolo Vannini, oil on canvas, on ply-wood or "granulino", water-colours, ink or direct display of the colour from the tube on the canvas - Colour is sometimes soft and light, sometimes warm and bright, but always capable of giving force and energy thanks to contrasting matches, like blue with pink, black with yellow or red with green - Colour spread with strong strokes which leave on canvas heavy and firm lumps - colour coming from a palette which is loaded with it and which proves an intense and endless activity.
Donatella Nesti (Journalist)

there is nothing granted nor trivial in the works of Vannini, there is , on the contrary, meditation and uninterrupted research through the use of disign and colour -
(from Metropoli)

In these works one notes and appreciates a skilful job of spatula and chromatic harmony, which does not come about by chance, but is purposely included in the artistic manner so that it gives to his works that atmosphere of realisme that characterizes them.
Giuseppe Medaglini

Paolo Vannini is a painter who lives relentessly in his time - he meditates and researches with the drawing and the colour, it is his way of trying to get out of a circle where you cannot understand good and evil - We all live in a web that offends us and from which we cannot liberate ourselves - It is the time of man in the labyrinth - In front of the drawings and canvases by Paolo Vannini one must stop, study, find the way of entering the messages and discovering their secrets : each one sees the contents, the subjects in different forms.
Roberto Spadoni (Journalist)

This type of painting, realized in effects, with the presence of its environments and its daily objects defines a superficial and permanent rarefaction - it is nevertheless a portrait of virtual persons, within a traffic of obsessive relationships, of orders without a pause, an imaginary tale of business, of not too clear and raviging events, a chaotic traffic of intrigue, of pause
Armando Franceschini (critic of art)

What strikes in these work, that need particular setting and lighting in order to reveal themselves in all their complexity of disign - colour - light, is a kind of ambiguity - This ambiguity comes out of the way how the painter resolves the relationship between planning and geometry on one side liberty on the other -
Roberto Bernardi (art gallery owner)

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